My Angel- ABS Design


This is my angel from Anne Strada, ABS designs after Super Bowl Day stitching. Did not stitch on her yesterday or today but tonight I hope to stitch the evening away.

Yesterday was Ground Hog day and DH and I went to a Ground Hog party. This was the 53rd annual and only the third that women have attended. Our friend’s father started this years ago and the tradition is now 4 generations in attendance. It is always fun to attend because you see people you haven’t seen all year and you get to see your friend’s children all grown up and bringing their families. Good friends and good food what more could you ask for? And yes even the weather co-operated, temperatures were in the 40’s most of the day…today we had a whopping 20 degrees!

Today, I finished changes on one project and reviewed another. Now I am going to stitch and read my blogs this evening…I am behind in my blog reading.



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