Angel for Super Bowl

This is what I will be stitching today.


Last week I asked Anne Stradal, ABS Designs, LLC   to paint a canvas for me for my longest (don’t like to say oldest…because age wise she is not the oldest) friend , Carol. We have known each other since 8th grade (we did not have Junior High) Her daughter and my oldest son were engaged when Scott was 18 months old and Deena was a baby. We even dressed them alike when they were young, hopping it would bond them together. We tried to bring back arranged marriages but somehow these two had minds of their own and found other people whom they love very much. Deena and my sons are very close and Deena is a great “niece”. We have much in common…she is an only child and has 2 sons. She also has one advantage on me…she lives in the DC area..I envy her every day there and I hope I have instilled in her the need to take those boys down to the center of history every chance she gets. 

But I digress…my friend Carol is fighting breast cancer. It is a battle she will not lose.  She is a fighter and has never been down long about anything. She fought and won a different kind of cancer a few years back…an unfaithful husband.  He is gone now and her life was sailing along pretty smoothly. I know this is just a minor bump in her road, but I want to her to have something that she can look at and know I think about her every day and say a special prayer for her and all who daily fight health battles.

carols-angel1Carol is not a stitcher! Carol only stitched one piece in her life. It was an angel and I have her. She is a treasure (both Carol and her stitchery)! In fact over the years I have tried to encourage Carol to paint more because she does have a real artistic talent. I have three watercolor pictures she painted  and 8 black and white drawings I conned her into doing for a church cookbook I was involved in putting together.  I love them all and have them framed in my house.

So I am stitching this angel for Carol and every stitch has a prayer for a quick and speedy recovery.



One thought on “Angel for Super Bowl

  1. It is so wonderful when our stitching has a meaning and purpose – and brings a bit of hope and joy to someone we love. Good job! Anne does beautiful work. (the St. Marks lighthouse she did for me has soothed my heart often when I get it out and look at it. However, I can’t get her to stitch it for me too)

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