17 Days later…

It has been quite a 2 weeks and 3 days…

I have finished 77 pages of needlework directions and I can breath a bit easier. I will have revisions but the bulk of the work is completed. I would love to tell you about these directions, but they are not mine and I do not think it very ethical of me to tout someones work that I am paid to produce before they release it.  And I also would hate to let something out of the bag that has not been released  and if  for some reason was not released or taught in the needlework world. But there are some great things coming!

I had my computer do weird things. Kind of a round about story…We (I use the term loosely, my DH decided we should combine our phones, cable and internet with one company). This big decision was made the week of Christmas and the only input I had was  when they would come…after Jan 1! Pick a day DH would be home. Came and went and then the fun began. They came again (no DH around), we didn’t have the right cable box…and then they came again (no DH around), the right cable box was defective…and then oh yes, they came again! Still no DH around…This time, the cable had gone out, phones & Internet too. I didn’t think too much about it but the cable company was coming again to check it out. I had been closing down my computer when the Internet came back up and we had our lights flash. But since I was in shut down I didn’t think much about it. Next day cable man shows up, checks everything out and just as he is about to leave he sees my laptop; asks if I was using this yesterday, I said yes. Asked me if I lost anything…well, my life passed in front of me and I weakly said I hoped not. Okay, you get the picture…open computer and all the work I had done the previous day was gone…I thought I might be sick. Cableman says he’s seen this two other times with laptops. Where is my stuff? He doesn’t know. Send computer to computer hospital, they resurrect the files but tell me they have been compromised. I’d have to start again, did not want to use compromised files, you never know how good files are going to act let alone compromised files. Okay I’ll tell the client that she may not get the work as soon as she wanted and work long hours to get it finished. Just finished it yesterday night.




 But there were some great things that happened to me in the last 17 days too! I had been on Orna Willis  blog  and entered her contest that was to end Jan 16. On Jan 14 she wrote a comment on my blog (https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/finished-snowmenfinished-snowmen/ ) that I had won the contest and then she realized it had two more days to run. So I would get the same prize too.






My finisher called and I had forgotten I had a couple pieces being finished. and had three others to take to her I would like to have back for Easter.  So I went to my finishers…remember in my last post: https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/finished-snowmenfinished-snowmen/I said I appreciate her more than ever after finishing my own projects.  I was going to wait and post the pictures closer to the appropriate holiday but this is too cute and I was so surprised when I photographed it.

09-tort-box-a1  09-tort-box-b   09-tort-box-c  09-tort-box-d  09-tort-box-e




This is a Just NAN design, Trick or Treat, made for the Silver Needle in Oklahoma. It is too cute. I am really not a cross stitch person but I stitched this over a years time a few “X’s” at a time. I knew I was never going to finish this piece, it was way beyond my expertise. I never took the finishing instructions out of the bag.  So when I open the box up to photograph the inside was I surprised to see this little pumpkin. I thought my finisher had gone that extra mile but she assures me it was part of the finishing. See I knew I paid her for a good reason!  ttfn…sue


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