Snowmen are out and temperature is plunging


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snowmen-12 Yestday I put the snowmen collection out and today the temperature is plunging, by mid-week only suppose to be in 20’s and I didn’t listen to the wind chill. Wonder if I collected bathing suits and displayed them would the weather warm up? 😉





  I have more snowmen than I remembered and most are not too Christmasie and that will be good for January but I do think they are reproducing in the storage box during off season. I don’t remember this many miniature ornaments on this tree.








These are my from my Grandmother Gordon’s Christmas village. The tallest is about 2 inches. I find these little goodies in my mother’s things and cannot part with them I do not remember seeing the village up more than a couple times in my life and I don’t know what happened to the houses but I have the trees, many of the miniatures and a church. She used mirrors for ponds and Ivory Snow Flakes laundry detergent for snow. Do they still make Ivory Snow laundry soap and is it still flakes? Talk about a comfort smell…just writing about it here I could smell the snow. My dad’s family was from Mauch Chunk Pennsylvania (now Jim Thorpe)  and they lived in the Poconos area much of their lives. I remember My Grandmother Nell talking about “Putz”. They were very large miniature villages that generations collected and passed on.  I saw one at our church a couple years ago and it was only a portion of the diplay. These “”Putz” can be very large and are very elaborate and people used to Carole from one home to another to see them. We should bring back some of these old traditions.




And I thought I had more needlepoint snowmen than this but I guess I don’t…Oh a reason to add to the stash. and to finish the two on the blocking board.  Two of these are designs from my friend Joan Lewis ( She can paint about anything for anyone. I do other computer stitch guides for her. She designs and stitches almost every piece in her line and I just take her notes and I make the stitch guide. Of course when I stitch them I add my own touches:  rabbit button on one, squirrel button on other.  The other one is not a snowman but Frost nutcracker and for the life of me I cannot remember who paints this line of canvases(if someone tells me, I’ll edit it in here..JP or some initials?) but the company has three sizes: small medium and large. I have seen all three sizes and I do want to get a couple medium sized (justified stash) to stitch for my granddaughter who collects nutcrackers. I like the medium sized best, they are about the size of average wooden nutcrackers.




And this is my newest snowman,I love him. He was made for us Christmas 2008 by out oldest son, Scott and his family. He is a patio paver and I think he is suppose to be a door stop but he is just too cute sitting here on the shelf.


That’s all I have for today, I think I am going to make hot chocolate complete with whipping cream, sit by the fire and either work on finishing snowmen or stitching Lucy…sounds like a plan to me.



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