What is it?

I know it is afternoon  and I am suppose to do this in the morning with my cuppa…but my cuppa got interrupted by life. I am back home now, but it is such a beautiful day for January in the mid-west that I may have to go back out and play. By tomorrow January temperatures are suppose to be back with a vengeance.

know-what-this-is2I posted this picture earlier in the week and asked what this was…It was used to thread glass curtains onto the rod without ripping the curtain. The open ends fit in about any size curtain rod and the end with the spring was threaded through the curtain to gather it on the rod. I also remember my grandmother having another one similar but it was all metal, about an inch long and the ends were smooth and tapered. One end fit a wider rod than the other end. The one pictured was her favorite.



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