Lucy is back

09-lucy-pawsPoor little Lucy got lost in the shuffle. That and the fact that I hit a stitching block. See her paws? Well they were driving me nuts, I think I took them out 3-4 times. I decided to put her up and wait to see if this last stitching would not bother me as time passed. Time passed, 4 months and the Lucy canvas had worked her way to my workroom. Remember I said you can almost tell what date it was by the pile…Lucy is about September. Anyway I found her and she is now residing on the family room mantle to remind me she is around. I have decided her paws are fine and have begun to stitch her head. I have stitched her lower lip and dark lines by her eyes. Random stitching (aka: Long and Short) is one of my favorite things to do, especially animal fur. I love the way the animal comes to life on the canvas.  I’ll try to find pictures of two of my favorites and post soon.

Today, I am off to the doctor…nothing serious just want to have something checked out.


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