Opened Pandora’s Box

090101-purple-31 090101-purple-4 090101-purple-5




Yesterday, I said I hoped to get to my workroom to experiment with my purple piece. I had an idea that I wanted to ry for finishing…not that I am a good finisher or ever hope to be, but I do think if you are experimenting with ideas that you need to be able to see if what you have visualized is possible. And my idea is possible, it just needs more canvas on the ends to gather better and more finishing canvas too (remember the minimum inch and a half extra canvas rule…it’s for a reason!) Since I did not follow my own rule of extra canvas I had a problem with one end of the piece. I protected the ends of the canvas from fraying by stitching a blanket stitch over the edges after I turned the piece. I really kind of like the look and this could be done after a finisher had completed her magic too. I did have trouble getting one end to pull closed, but I think that was me and also that an extra half inch of blank canvas would have helped. Anyway it is finished and I know what I need to do next time…No one will notice the mistakes but me and my stitching friends but then it was a quick study and that was successful.

While visiting my workroom  I felt like I had opened Pandora’s Box. I figure I will have to schedule some time up there before it becomes Fibber McGee’s room. (For all of you younger than I (and there are many of you), Fibber McGee was a radio comedian in the 40-50’s…I barely remember hearing him (ha-ha). I even met him once, he was related to our friends, the Jordons. But I digress…back to the workroom …I noticed several things:

1. I need to spend sometime reorganizing the space…no it wasn’t a complete disaster but I can see the round-to-its I have place there in the last year stacking up. It was like a calendar of the year.

2. I have a tub I put threads in that need to be returned to their home tubs after I have finished stitching with them. This tub is getting pretty full and threads are co-mingling and not on canvas. And I think I may have purchased the same thread over again because I couldn’t find it the first time.

2. My finishing stack is growing and I either need to attempt finishing myself or just send to the finisher. Ican finish and I do finish some pieces…the easy stuff, but I leave the hard stuff and the real creative stuff to my finisher who does a great job and is very creative too. My frog purse ( ) is one of her wonderful works.

I am trying to remember to get up a half hour earlier each day and post to my blog and read some of the other wonderful blogs I have bookmarked. I have to set a limit or my day will be gone…so if I don’t read in the morning I will try to finish then at night


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