Happy 2009

090101-purple-2 090101-purple-2a


Happy 2009! This is a color study Gay Ann Rogers (http://www.gayannrogers.com/) did for the Shinning Needle Society ( to join go to : SNS_GAR_Classroom-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) on Christmas morning. You were to use three colors of thread: light, medium and dark to experiment with stitches. The left side of the first picture is that study, then I played on the right side. Second and third pictures are close ups of the play. When I first read about this study I was not going to do it but then since I like to have something in my purse for the extra moments in time…stuck on the freeway, waiting for an appointment, etc…) I decided to throw it in a bag and take it along and I also needed a piece to experiment with some finishing ideas. Last night I finished stitching it and sometime today I hope to get to my workroom to work on the finishing.

I am not making resolutions this year, just notes on things I would like to see significant progress in doing or getting accomplished. How’s that for skirting the issue and yet remaining positive.


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