I am catching up & June TIF


I finished reading some of my favorite blogs, finished the laundry, and even started swimming program at YMCA today. I feel like a nap! I’m either catching up or maybe just so far behind I look like I’m winning.

NP or SP

NP or SP

Equator or obi


I also have a picture of my June TIF projects http://sharonb.wordpress.com/2008/06/01/take-it-further-in-june/ or http://takeitfurtherchallenge.blogspot.com/to post and will also send them all to Flicker: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sudukc/. See I was not ideal the month of June…but as someone else on another blog said, ” the real world interfered with my blog.”

The thought was:  stories that are and stories that are possible. I think this was also in reference to stash. And I have lots of stories waiting to be told, in fact closets full. But you know something really strange with all that stash, I still always need at least one more thread or just a slightly different color thread than I already own. My stash is never complete! If it were I’d die with the most and win and I know for a fact that man of my fellow stitchers have far more stash than I. So, I will just happily plod along knowing I have more stories to be told along with those I have already told.

My Temari this month are all the same pattern just stitched with different colors on gray, black or neutral bases. I really thought they were fun. And it shows how one basic pattern has endless possibilities with different colors and threads.

Hope you enjoy.



5 thoughts on “I am catching up & June TIF

  1. that’s beautiful.Looks like a lot of work and patience.I know the feeling that your stash is not always complete – I try and do all my tif pieces from the existing stash of things i have but more often than not I need a skien of thread to match a particular colour in the colour scheme that month.Your work is beautiful.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I’m laughing at your first paragraph! 🙂

    The Temari balls are beautiful. I like the different variations!

    I’m also laughing at your comment at your stash. Especially since I’ll be spending part of tonight ordering fibers that are missing from my stash! And yesterday while working on a face I realized that I might not have enough DMC to finish both the face and the hands. And trust me, I have all of the colors of DMC and I usually have at least two or more skeins! Sigh… 🙂

    I also enjoyed seeing the pictures of your laundry Inchies. Lot’s of fun!

    Your All American Angel in the center is by Pam Bapst (sp?). She owns a shop and had a series of themed angels in that shape. If you would like, I can sift through my stash and find more detailed info. Just let me know.

    Windy Meadow

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