Temari for a friend

Thanks to all of you who have emailed me or added a comments to the blog. I am humbled to know I have so many friends around the world. Thank you.
I spent my first couple weeks with my friend at the hospital and I took stitching along…

 MU Temari Ball       

I made these Temari Balls for my friend who has cancer. He is a big University of Missouri fan (MU..Go tigers!)… so I made the Gold and black Temari for him. He also is a big KC Chiefs Fan so I made him the yellow and red Temari. After I was finished I noticed the arrowheads…And that is the name of our football stadium. I guess I’ll have to make him one for the KC Royals too. He took me to the very first opening game at this stadium when it was brand new and he hasn’t missed an Royals opening season since. Temari balls are gifts of friendship and these have special prayers attached too.

You can see more pictures of these 2 Temari balls on my Flicker page at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sudukc/

It’s early in the morning here and all is quiet and peaceful. So I think I will get a cuppa and head for the patio to play catch up on my blog reading…






One thought on “Temari for a friend

  1. Hello from Perryton, TX. I loved the Temari balls that are pictured here and also at Flickr. I am taking a class to attempt to bring me up to date in the technology field–one of my assignments was to find a blog in an interest that I have and leave a comment for the author. I haven’t done a Temari ball in a long time, but seeing yours made me want to get one of the books out to see if I can still do them.

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