Seems like we have gone from early Spring (cool temperatures 50-60’s) to summer (90 today and yesterday). My iris are still blooming and I have red cherries on my counter. Hum-m-m very interesting weather.

Last week when I was not feeling well, and I’m still tired and weak but oh so much better! Anyway I spent a day looking at all your wonderful blogs that are out there. One day I even started at one blog and then went to a favorite blog of that person and so on until I was 2 hours deep into that first blog. Almost like having your own personal “google.” It was great fun and I was greatly inspired. As time passes I will add some of these sites to my blogroll. I’m still exploring all the possibilities. I know I went around the world several times and even though I could not read some of the blogs they all were inspirational! I felt very humbled and realized what a novice I really am at any endeavor I do.

There are so many of you ladies out there that are so talented and creative.

Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! What a blessing the Internet has become in sharing our talents and expertise. Whatever name we call ourselves…quilter, needlepointer, acrylic painter, oil painter, mixed media, whatever we choose…we are artists and we do make this a better world!

Thank you for making me feel better too!


One thought on “Spring-summer

  1. Hi Sue,

    You’ve been very quiet. We need to see another Inchy or a Temari Ball! 🙂

    What have you been creating/making/designing?

    Windy Meadow

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