Inchy: Face

Last night I stitched my inchy for the week, and I might add my least favorite. I know I have seen a similar idea somewhere else, but for the life of me don’t know where. I even did a Google search but came up with nothing. The other design I think I’ve seen is just one closed eye, nose and mouth. Mine of course has two eyes complete with Turkey Work eyelashes, a blue Jessica iris and a Smyrna Cross mouth.

I like these inchies, but I just have no idea how I am going to finish them. They could become pins, they could be put together in a collage of some kind, I may applique them to another canvas, or I could use them as embellishments on other things (needlepoint) included. Time will tell…

You can see other inchies at:


4 thoughts on “Inchy: Face

  1. Hi – there was a problem with your comment on the inchy blog – can you re-do it please so I can publish it! Thanks
    clever inchy

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