Sometimes when I am roaming around online I see a design that I like, I will bookmark it. Some of these designs are just inspiration for another idea that pops into my mind, very rarely are these designs a copy of the original design and sometimes they never go any further than… I like this. BUT, every so often I will use part of these designs in my stitching and then I try and get permission to use the design or work. If I see an entire design that I want to convert to needlepoint…then this requires getting permission from the original designer before you adapt the piece.

I have became very interested in ATC (Artist Trading Card) made in needlepoint, they make great little ornaments to hang, quick easy gifts, and good ideas for cards I also make for friends and family.  I very rarely see a design in stitches and threads, but last month I came across a design that popped right off my screen in stitches and threads. I could see this stitched as an ATC. I wrote Grace and told her what a nice design I thought this was and that I would like to adapt it to needlepoint. She wrote me back a lovely email:

 “…I would be honoured to have you to use my “Spring” quilt pattern to adapt for your needlepoint. I do have a few requests though. Please reference me as the designer of your needlepoint pattern. I would also ask that only you use the pattern, if others want to use my design as well please have them contact me themselves… ”

You can see the original design on Grace’s April 24 blog at Baryard Chatter:

 And so I stitched Spring in an ATC format (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches). Graces design is 10.5 inches by 14 inches. I made two of these, one for me and one for Grace. Thank you Grace. It is a fun design! There will only be two of these adaptations from this source and I cannot give permission to copy or reproduce this design, only Grace can do this. If she gives permission to use the design then you still must contact me for permission to copy my interpertation.

You can see more of Grace’s work at:

In a nutshell, this is an example of how the copyright law should work. ALWAYS give credit where credit is due and always get permission to use someone else’s work.


One thought on “Adaptation…

  1. Sue, thanks for sharing my design with your readers. It’s great to get recognized but, I think, sometimes it equally important to share. The one you sent me is on my wall of friend’s art.
    I (and all of us who create original designs I’m sure) appreciate the copyright comment, so apropos. Well done!!

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