I have been wondering how I was going to incorporate inchies into needlepoint since I saw them in Issue 29 of Quilting Arts Magazine I could have just stitched up some inchies but I really wanted something that would speak to me.

This week I found out a friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to give them something that would let them know that I am thinking about them. A HOPE inchy was born. I made a mat and backing from Ultra Suede and sent it on its way.

     And then I made another inchy followed by and couple other ideas too. And since I made these I have fould out that many cancers have their own color designation..i.e. Pink is Breast Cancer. You can Google for “Cancer awarness colors” or visit here . Also Kathy Moss at Count Your Blessings has listed DMC colors to use. These were just two that I found. One thing just leads to another so it know I’m going to make an ATC using the cancer color.

And then I came across Inch by Inch The instructions to play are: “How TO PLAY: Please link your entry back to this blog. It’s as simple as that” I ‘ve added it to my blog list and am going to try to link to it, remember I’m new to this blogging and it doesn’t take much to leave me very confussed, bewildered and consulting the Dummy book. I hope it works, but to be on the save side I’ll add a comment too.

One thought on “Inchy

  1. Hi -= thanks for finding the inchy blog – to join in with Challenge #2 you have to make an inchy with the first letter of your name – then when you have displayed it on your blog – click on it and your header bar at the top of your screen will show the link. Click and press control C and that will copy it – come onto the blog – leave a comment and press control V and that will copy your link. Hope that’s not too confusing for you! Sounds worse when I read it back! LOL! Otherwise just linking the inchy blog like you have anyway will work.

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