More Cookies

  Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…I spent some time outside helping get the patio ready to open and uncovering my iris that are peaking out. I know we will have a few more cold days but the iris are hardy and they won’t get frost bitten as long as the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t get frozen out too. I know today is the first day of Spring but I can hardly wait for our temperaures to stay warm and no more threat of snow. And yes, we are suppose to have snow on Easter…I’m dreaming of a white Easter.

 I’m also glad this is the last time for many years that Easter is so close to St. Patrick’s Day. One of our sons was born on Easter Sunday (march 26). His birthday and Easter fell on the same day again when he was 11 years and 22 years and won’t happen again until he is 99 years. That’s about as often as it should be, Easter in March is too early.

   cookies waiting to be icedBut since it is Easter, I had to bake sugar cookies for the Grandkids, especially since it will be to cold and snowy for an outdoor Easter egg hunt. I have been wanting to try my hand at Martha Stewart decorating sugar cookies, the TV and magazines always make it look so simple. Well, I am no Martha Stewart and I really did not enjoy the dozen or so I really tried to decorate. It was not that I couldn’t do it I just thought it was a lot of work for someone to eat it in a matter of seconds. I think if I do it again I will ice the cookies in color and then decorate with white icing…like White Work on cookies. And there won’t be chicks, bunnies, and carrots…just eggs. Anyway I am finished now and there won’t be anymore cookies until May, but here are the pictures to prove it. 

 First there were carrots   Then there were Chicks and eggs  and finally I was finished

 Way too many cookies this month, spring better hurry and get her so I can start walking everyday!

I sure am glad this is the last time Easter and St Pat’s day are so close because I am about cookie–d out. And between the patio cleaning and baking and icing cookies I’m so-o-o tired I don’t even know if I hurt from all the work today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.



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