Spent the Day absorbing

Yesterday I indulged myself and spent the day absorbing needleart.

I went to the final day of the NAN (National Academy of Needlearts) Exemplary show. NAN has there annual conference in Kansas City, Mo. It is a week of classes and the exhibit with excellent teachers to motivate and inspire. You can read all about NAN on their web site:  http://www.needleart.org/ and even look at many of the former prize winners of past Exemplary exhibits. It is pretty inspiring.

One of the things that really impressed me was a entry from Mary S. In her artist statement she stated that she prefers to work in “…’common materials’ cotton rather than silkmaterials accessible to everyone”…and “by keeping the cost reasonable can motivate /inspire others.”  I think silk is a great old thread, it is expensive but I still do not have a problem using silk. I think many of out antique needlework pieces are stitched in either silk or cotton and look how long they have lasted. But in theory I agree with Mary, I think it is nice to use the new threads and without them our needlework would be very boring, but sometimes from a teaching/designing point of view this can be very frustrating. Sometimes by the time a design gets to the retail level threads have been discontinued. If you are designing a piece for teaching, this can be very frustrating since the teacher either has to try and buy up enough of the discontinued thread to teach the piece at least once (maybe more if she can buy enough thread) or find a substitute for this thread without disturbing the color and design balance of the piece. Usually this replacement involves stitching a new class model too. And sometimes using the old stand-bys is no guarantee either…who would have thought DMC would discontinue Medici.

Another thing that really inspired me and I hope motivated me were the color and design notebooks of the teaching candidates. I love color and design and have taken many color and design classes, I have shelves of books on color and design, AND have this computer paper box(s) filled with “stuff” that I have saved for a color and design notebooks. I even have the 4 inch notebooks sitting on the shelf but the box and the notebook have yet to come together. It is one of my “round tuits.” I am motivated to work on this project!

After a great lunch with friends and many of the NAN participants, I picking up my entries in the Exemplary ( 2 of the February TIF temari balls), and I headed home with my mind full of good ideas and great intentions.  And yesterday was another beautiful day…a taste of Spring and today promises to be another beautiful day before the rain comes in.

Have a beautiful day! ttfn…sue

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