Lucy’s background is finally finished

Lucy background  close up background  thread divisions  threads 2  Stitch Backstitch wrapped

The background for Lucy is finished. I thought this Burden stitch was more boring to stitch than Basketweave, but I wanted the striping to be horizontal rather than diagonal. I foolishly decided that I did not like the meeting of the black with the Burden Stitch and would do a Wrapped Backstitch between these areas. I first tried one strand of the 3 strand overdye and it was too much so I divided the one strand into the two plies that make up one strand. This worked but I could only carefully stitch with 6 inch lengths as the ply was very unstable. Since this will be framed as a picture I know it will not get any undue stress on these stitches. It’s finished and now I need to get the eyes and inside the ears finished. I’m going to do them in Basketweave and I think I’m going to do the legs in an Encroaching Gobelin and I may lightly bunka brush these. Stay tuned…


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