Time gets away from me

No matter how I try I seem to forget about writing a blog. I was never a journal writer or diary keeper, so blogging is going to be a difficult task for me. And even once I start to write, it takes me forever to get my thoughts down. I am a verbal person not a writer.

I have finished my February TIFs and have posted them. I am going to try and put together a “how-to” for temari but it will be brief. There are many good web sites out there and I will mention two and then from there anyone can dig deeper into this great art. 

February color palette  Temari 080215   Temari 080216  Temari 080217  Temari 080217b

I liked the color palette for February, but then I can’t imagine a color palette I will not like. This is a complementary color scheme and one of my favorite color schemes. I had lots of ideas but decided to stay with Temari Balls because they are quick and easy and that’s what I think these challenges should be. When I first read about this challenge I wanted something that would stimulate my imagination, inspire me and that not necessarily require a finished project.  I have always thought that a group to brainstorm  would be stimulating and rewarding.  I love looking at the interpretation of the month’s challenge and reading how these challenges have been interpreted.  A challenges need to stimulate your imagination, keep your imagination working and even give you food for later thought.  I have several ideas also for needlepoint, but my incubation of a needlepoint design is longer than Temari balls, therefore my goal is to keep doing temari balls as monthly projects.

The other part of the TIF challenge for February was “What I am old enough remember”…

I think this challenge should have said “What I am old enough to admit to remembering.”; but I think I am secure enough in myself to admit that I remember our first TV. We had one of the first TVs in the neighborhood; it was a black and white set in a big mahogany piece of furniture. The piece of furniture was nicer than the TV, the picture tube might have been 13-15″ but the furniture was at least 4 feet high and 3 feet square.  I remember watching the test pattern and thinking it was a great design.  I remember running home from grade school to watch, Howdy Doody, Hopalong Cassidy, and the news. TV was one station and I don’t think it was aired more than 6 to 9 hours a day when it first started. I remember lots of highs and lows of early TV, remember many programs were live. When TV became color TV, we had one of the first in our neighborhood also.  I remember one of the neighbor girls just sat there and stared at the color TV and when I asked her why, her reply left me wondering if this girl every looked at anything. She was watching a commercial and said, “The Folger’s (coffee) can is red.”  No kidding, it always has been red! I remember thinking I must have a vivid imagination because I visualized clothes in color before color TV and sometimes I liked my visualizations best. I still enjoy watching old black & white movies and I still visualize in color. Sometimes I will see an old movie that has been colorized and will think “That’s not the color I visualized.”…color is truly subjective

I also remember my grandmother kept coloring books and new crayons in the hall closet of whatever house we lived in. When I was small it was always a treat to have her get a new coloring book and a new box of crayons was a true gift. She always had the biggest box of crayons available. I don’t every remember not coloring every page, nor do I remember subject coloring books (Barbie, movies, etc) they were themed (farm, princess, Mickey Mouse and friends, etc). They seemed much simpler and certainly had no dot to dot, puzzles…I remember when  coloring book was a coloring book.  I still enjoy a coloring book and especially when you can find one that is simple and fun.

 I also remember …

The treadle sewing machine (learned on this) that I could make run as fast as the new electric one we had.

Angel Food Cake meant 13 egg whites and not Pillsbury, Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker.

Dial phones and a voice on the other end when the phone was answered.

Mail and milk was delivered to you front door…hucksters with fresh fruit and veggies came by…and bread was delivered too.

…when life seemed simpler, and certainly less scary.

5 thoughts on “Time gets away from me

  1. Your temari balls are really lovely. Your comments really touched home. I remember when we got our first television, The Cisco Kid was on when we plugged it in, and my brother and I were so excited. And wouldn’t we all find it lovelier to have a human voice on the telephone instead of “In order to better serve you, please select from the following menu.”

    I have grandchildren now, and I wonder what they will remember when they are my age. I wonder if they will ever see crops in a field (instead of housing projects) and be able to walk and play in a forest.

    I’m rambling on, but I do so appreciate your post.

  2. Sue, these temari balls are beautiful… both the colors and patterns. Most of all though I enjoyed your comments on remembering. I too remember when the tv had to be viewed in a darkened room and when we got our color tv….first one on the block. I remember when, at 12, I was not embarassed to be seen playing jacks or readying my latest Katy Keene. You’re right, life was simpler and less scary. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I love your temari balls, they’re really beautiful. I enjoyed reading your memories from childhood and laughed about your comment re the little girl and the coffee tin!
    It’s fascinating to follow the centrality of colour in your life from when you were a young girl with colouring books to your creative projects now. And thanks for the visit to my blog. Lovely to hear from you.

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