Take It Further…

I feel so liberated. It took me less than an hour to get all the old stuff posted to here and with pictures too! I informed everyone of the move but left the old site up for at least a week.

We had about 2 inches of snow Thursday morning but nothing like Nebraska and Northern Missouri. Yesterday and today are bitterly cold, and it is suppose to get colder (single digits) by Monday and Tuesday. Sounds like the perfect reason to turn on the teapot, fireplace, and let my fingers do most of my exercising.

The Take it Further Design Challenge (see Sharon B’s blog: http://sharonb.wordpress.com/) was the catalyst to start me blogging. I had always thought someday I would venture further into web space, but like a lot of around-tuits, hadn’t gotten there yet…”Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” Not sure who said that but I am a master at it.  Anyway I had found Sharon B’s blog, was sorry I missed the stitch challenge of 2007, read about the new challenge for 2008 and signed up. Then, I found out you had to have a blog and a flicker account. Not wanting to appear ignorant I jumped in with all fingers…could say both feet, but the feet weren’t moving, I was a slave to the computer trying to figure out what I was doing. Thanks to online friends who would answer my questions and one of my sons (http://firesprinklers.wordpress.com/),  I know know a tad about blogging now..and I do mean  a tad. I figure that with time and effort I will become more savey, so for now I am just plugging along.

The Take It Further Design Challenge or as I like to refer to it TIF is really great. . I was excited about it since I had been thinking for a long time there should be a place for artists to come together and take some of the same basic parameters and then define them in their own style. It should be like inspiration for us all.

This months TIF challenge had two choice: someone admired or a color pallet. When I first read the choices I knew that my choice(s) would fall into both categories; my Grandmother Gordon and her sister, Aunt Rose, loved these colors. Both of them wore greens and violets and both were very talented ladies… Neither of them found few thing they couldn’t do: my grandmother wallpapered a room when she was in her 80’s and Aunt Rose put a roof on her chicken house in her 70’s. If they were alive today, they would have had their blog up and running months ago.  I think it fitting that I dedicated this first challenge to two of the women who had a great influence on my life and who I am today.

 suppliesHere is the first picture of everything gathered together, between the computer and gathering threads my week was shot. I have progressed through the incubation phase and am in the planning phase, headed for the  I am giving my undivided attention to this project. I know the general direction I am going. I have the canvas on the stretcher bars, the temari ball bases have been  wrapped, and I have pulled more than enough threads..so it’s off to the fireplace and stitching.The ideas are just zooming around but I know the needle will do the walking.

canvas and temari balls

2 thoughts on “Take It Further…

  1. Looks great mom. You’ve definitely spent some time with this and have gotten the basics down.

    Now, if I could just find the time and energy to update mine regularly we’d be in biddness.

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