Transfer, catch-up and go on

lucyI spent yesterday, trying to transfer my old blog to this blog and have come to the conclusion that I just need to cut and paste. So the old blog is in italicized and editorial comments have been added.

Dec 19, 2007

Everything begins at some point and here is mine… my first post…my first blog.

I have decided to learn to blog in 2008. There are many reasons…first I just want to be able to say I can do this and last Sharon B is going to have an interesting challenge on her blog and I want to be part of this. From time to time I will fill you in on the some other reasons, I’m not sure I have them all sorted out in my head yet.

One thing I do know is I believe we can all learn from each other no matter if we are a designer, teacher or student…and no matter what are level of expertise we may be. Networking is a good thing and I think blogs will further enhance this idea… we never know what will inspire or be that “ah, yes”revelation for us or someone else.

The picture on my blog is Lucy, our dog. She is a cross between a Fox terrier and a Carin Terrier…my husband says she is a “Car-fox”…I say she is a “Foxy Carin.” Whatever you call her she is as spoiled as they get for any dog. Josh, our grandson named her Lucy so when he comes home he can say, “Lucy, I’m home!” (He’s been watching too much old TV) Nevertheless, Lucy is going to be immortalized in needlepoint. The canvas is painted and I have begun to stitch. I will try and get a picture before 2008 and post it.

And that was the first blog…

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